Live 2 Ride + Ride 2 Save Lives = Hogs 4 Paws®

Hogs 4 Paws® rides again this time Raising Some Hell-p for shelters and rescues across the country as Biker-Pet Parents raise money for local animal welfare organizations chosen by the World Dog Expo Rescue Honors Recipients.

Ken (Tank) Morgan and Chris Ruben first met back in 1996 working on a pet behavior modification product line called Sticky Paws®. Chris sold the products, and Tank’s company still makes them to this day. Over the years Chris and Tank have collaborated on a number of business and charity projects, and have become close friends in the process.

Ken rides a beautiful white Harley Street Glide®, and Tank is his Road Name. Tank is also president of the Dallas chapter of the Latin American Motorcycle Association (L.A.M.A.). L.A.M.A. was founded in 1977 in Chicago. In 1996, L.A.M.A. became a National Association, and in 1999 they became an International Association when chapters were formed in Puerto Rico, Mexico & Cuba. Today there are over 160 worldwide spanning the Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia. L.A.M.A. has evolved into an “International Humanist Association”, accepting working people from all walks of life, regardless of nationality, race, color, religion, social class, gender, age, brand of motorcycle, etc.

In 2016, Tank decided to ride his Street Glide® to Orlando to attend the Global Pet Expo and to visit with the Orlando chapter of L.A.M.A. Upon arriving at the L.A.M.A. club house, Tank was greeted like Norm on Cheers by dozens of members. When they found out why he was in town, they all pulled out their phones to show off pictures of their beloved animals. After hearing Tank’s story, Chris suggested that L.A.M.A. Dallas do a benefit ride to help local animal shelters. Tank, his members, and American Eagle Harley-Davidson® loved the idea, and so Hogs 4 Paws® was born.

Three months later the 1st Annual Hogs 4 Paws® Rescue Ride, with 50+ bikes, raised over $1,000 for R-PAL Low Cost Pet Food Bank. The riders had so much fun that they asked us to do it again the following year. Motivated by the positive feedback, Chris and Tank produced 2 rides in 2017: a Rescue Ride in May and a Vets & Pets Ride in October. Together these rides generated over $4,000.

Having cut their teeth in Texas, Tank and Chris are Raising Some Hell-p for shelters and rescues across the country in 2018. Powered by great brands including KONG®, CedarCide®, Tito’s® Vodka and American Flat Track® Racing, Hogs 4 Paws® is producing and participating in six events in the first half of the year, most notably:
• The Cinco de Mayo Texas Rescue Ride in May
• The World Dog Expo New Jersey Rescue Ride in June

In partnership with the Newark chapter of L.A.M.A. and Hannum’s Harley-Davidson® Rahway, the 1st Annual Hogs 4 Paws® World Dog Expo Rescue Ride promises to be a fantastic event for Biker-Pet-Parents within a 200 mile radius. Monies raised will go to local shelters and rescues chosen by the World Dog Expo Rescue Honors Recipients. So, whether you ride a BMW®, a Ducati®, a Honda®, an Indian® or a Slingshot®, please join Hogs 4 Paws® on June 9th for a ton of FUNd-rai$ing.

To register to ride, go to or check Facebook events ( for details on this Hogs 4 Paws® ride starting at 9:00 a.m. on June 9 at Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Rahway.

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