Hedz Up Pets

By Todd Neikirk

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the pool, the lake, and the beach. What better partner to have with you in the water than your four-legged best friend? If your buddy accompanies you on your adventures, fun can’t be the only priority; safety is critical.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes with all different levels of swimming skill. No matter how strong a swimmer your dog may be, don’t overestimate the length of time in the water that is right for them; be proactive with safety measures: Hedz Up Pets WatercollarTM makes a critical difference.

More than 5,000 pets die of drowning each year. Avoid an accident and be sure your dog wears a flotation device. Although there are many different dog flotation devices on the market, the Watercollar’s smart design makes it the safest and most effective. Why? Because the Watercollar not only acts as a swim aid but also keeps the pet’s head above water even if they are not conscious.

Pets that have a pool at home or come along for a boat ride may jump in the water unexpectedly. Even though summertime is funtime, take precautions and keep your peace of mind. Make sure if you are anywhere near water, your pet is wearing Hedz Up Pets Watercollar. They perfectly fit dogs from 3 LBS to 200 LBS. Some Things in Life Are Far Too PRECIOUS To Leave To Chance - Your Dog’s Life is One Of Them.

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