The Sporting Life

How an Active Lifestyle Helps You Bond With Your Dog

Yoga with your dog equals Doga ©Doga By Fizkes

By Jaclyn Waller

Take the dog out of the park and get into the swim of things with a surfing session or indoors or out. Try a meditative stretch with your furry friend aka Doga (Dog + Yoga). Sharing your favorite sports with your dog makes for a great bonding experience and a good time for all.

After a long winter, dogs and owners alike just need to stretch their paws. Exercise does wonders for the body and soul, and dog owners know more than anyone the importance of an active lifestyle. Looking for fresh summer fun? Try a cool new workout with your pet. Doga and dog surfing take the dog out of the park and into unique, bonding experiences. Whether it takes place inside a Zen studio or upon crashing waves, these canine athletics up the ante on playtime.

Tone your body and balance your spirit, with your pup! Doga is the contemporary solution to Eastern inspired dog workouts, bringing owners together with their dogs for a routine of meditation, massaging, and posing. Transitioning through the poses together increases flexibility, improves posture, and even promotes healthy sleep habits.

Completing a Doga routine with your precious pooch is a connecting experience. All breeds can do Doga, as each pose is modifiable for weight and size. Check out You Tube for some helpful videos to get started.

Dog Surfing By Epicstock

For coastal dogs, surfing may be the perfect fit for those exploring an active lifestyle. Perched upon a surfboard, dogs promote their balance while engaging their muscles; water sports thrill and delight canines. Dog surfing successfully takes the beach trip to a whole new level by immersing your pup in an oceanic experience.

Surfing requires some training and practice, but this process will only bring you two together with a common goal. First, owners should introduce their dog to the waves through attempted body surfing before graduating to a board. Once comfortable with the nature of a wave and with their own balance, it is likely your pup will take the initiative and conquer a current. With repeated exposure to this thrill, your dog will be jumping with anticipation at the question, “Wanna go surfing?”

Competition finds its way into the world of dog surfing; annually, dogs and owners will gather on the beach for an animated day of nautical displays. With an enthusiastic crowd and passionate participants, seaside districts have been hosting these playful and ambitious events since the early 1900s. And the judging criteria? It’s all smiles! High energy and an expression of joy will likely land your pooch in the winners’ circle.

In celebration of the Summer Solstice, try something new with those closest to you. Doga and dog surfing inspire a bond based on a shared fitness experience. The dog park isn’t going anywhere, but these unique athletics offer a necessary change of scenery for all. Winter makes an appearance every year so it is important to enjoy your time in the sun, with your pup in tow it’s all the more motivating and fulfilling.

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