WizSmart The Better Pee Pad Gives Back

Posh Pets jubiliantly accepting delivery of WizSmart Pee Pads.

By Mary Malloy

It was a ‘Wiz’ of a day! Doggy tails were wagging playfully, and human hands were clapping enthusiastically this Spring when dozens of pallets of WizSmart Super Absorbent Dog and Puppy Pads were delivered to animal shelters and rescue groups around the tri-state area.

Some of the lucky recipients of WizSmart’s generous donation included the Humane Society of New York, Anarchy Rescue & Rehabilitation, Animal Haven, North Shore Animal League America, Posh Pets Rescue, Zani’s Furry Friends, Paw it Forward Pet Pantry, and Rescue Dogs Rock.

A new convert to the luxury of WizSmart Pee Pads

“They delivered so many! “exclaimed Michael Ripinsky, who, along with Gisella McSweeny, runs the non-profit rescue group and animal shelter Zani’s Furry Friends, located in Central New Jersey. “It’s a great product, the dogs took to them right away. McSweeny added that they are lining their nursing moms and kittens’ cages with the pads.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC founders Jackie O’Sullivan and Stacey Silverstein. are planning to share the donated pads with not only their fosters, but with a few other organizations that they know could use them. “We are still ironing out how we want to do that. We believe in paying it forward, and sharing is caring. It takes a village in the rescue world.” RDRNYC is in Brooklyn.

“Animal Haven is thrilled to receive doggy pads from WizSmart!” said Animal Haven’s Downtown Manhattan Shelter’s Executive Director Tiffany Lacey. “They are always in high demand because of the number of small dogs and puppies at the shelter. This donation is a huge help and allows us to put funds that would have been used for purchasing pads to other areas of our overall operation.”

WizSmart Super Absorbent Dog and Puppy Pads can absorb up to eight cups of liquid! The pads dry quickly, won’t leak, and they stay put — and thanks to a one-of-kind attractant formula, your dog will always know where to find them. WizSmart has found a way to transform more than 80 million unused baby diapers each year into a super-absorbent blend for its eco-friendly pads. Also, WizSmart uses a sustainable Eucapet fiber made from eucalyptus in their exclusive blend. Less waste for the landfills!

WizSmart is a part of Petix, a family-owned company that began a decade ago in Brazil. The pads were created by pet parents who were frustrated by dog pads that did a poor job of absorbing liquids, or that leaked and smelled. So they built a better pad that works for everyone — city dwellers, busy families, breeders, parents who are puppy training, dogs confined to indoor spaces, older dogs with incontinence, and more. They may be new to the U.S.A., but they’re the top pad in Brazil.

“Creating a better pee pad, and saving the planet one pee pad per day is our mission,” said Krister Holm, General Manager of the Petix Co., North America. “We believe in giving back to the animals in need and are dedicated to supporting our community. WizSmart is a better choice for the pet parent, the pet and the planet... after all, no one likes wet paws!”

For more information about WizSmart dog pads, visit

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