Fegnion Raw Cat Food Makes Every Feline Feel Like A Winner

Dr. Alma Dervisevic and Dr. Joseph Scoleri, the clinical team behind Fegnion, breeder’s choice when it comes to the best in raw cat food.

By Lori Zelenko

What if you could feed your cat that perfect balance of macronutrients-protein and fat found in the prey your cat would hunt in the wild? What if your cat could consume the healthiest selection of ground meats ready to be served as fresh as if they were discovered in nature? And what if this biologically appropriate raw cat food was formulated by an exceptional team of clinical pharmacists and veterinarians? Well, look no further than Fegnion, the ultimate in feline raw nutrition. Where to find this secret of the feline elite? Right now, it’s available primarily online at

CRAFTING THE MOST BIO-APPROPRIATE FELINE CUISINE Cats, lions, tigers, housecats too, are strict carnivores; Fegnion’s evidence-based approach recognizes this. Their clinical team, based on vast knowledge and experience, researched and developed three unique single species meat recipes - chicken, turkey and rabbit - each flash frozen to lock in all essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals, moisture and flavor. USDA certified Grade A meat and poultry, fit for human consumption, free of hormones* and antibiotics. Simulating the natural Ancestral Prey Diet, Fegnion is bio-appropriate, enhancing your cat’s physiology, metabolism and behavior.
*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry

Famed Bengal cat breeder, Anthony Hutcherson and his Best in Show Jungletrax Justified Prestige. ©Preston Smith

Contemplating switching to raw and wondering what the result might be? In a word, with Fegnion, exceptional. Meticulously made in small batches in Brooklyn, Fegnion comprehensively fulfills your cats nutritional needs at every life stage but more than that this food, haute cuisine actually when it comes to cats, will give your cat a glossy coat, improved digestion, healthy gums and teeth, greater endurance and vitality. Litter box odor will be reduced as your cat adapts to this diet which does result in increased longevity (especially as it helps keep your cat trim and slim); no wonder it’s a favorite of top cat breeders who stock up on it to feed their champions.

Fegnion is steadily accumulating a coterie of fans among the most influential in the cat world. Notable among their converts is Anthony Hutcherson, a Director on the Board of The International Cat Association (TICA for whom he chairs the Bengal Cat Breed) and on the Board of Directors of WINN Feline Foundation. His lifelong passion for highly patterned wild cats has led him to create the most extraordinary Bengals, these domestic felines that mimic the look of an ocelot are his specialty. With such stellar credentials his expertise is unequivocal so his endorsement of Fegnion is indeed impressive.

Jungletrax Marquee Attraction, Hutcherson’s star show cat, takes home top honors thanks to his diet of Fegnion. Though not every feline may be this famous, all deserve to feel (and look) just as fabulous.

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