By Annabelle Shapiro

As city pets stroll the boulevards of Sutton Place popping into their favorite pet emporium, Reme’s Oggi Pets, and snow-coated country pets play with their owners outdoors, it’s time for dogs to dress for wintry weather. Snow and ice replace autumn leaves as pets and owners face the chill. A cold snap however shouldn’t mean a fashion sacrifice, from lumberjack plaids to leopard prints and pretty pastels much less performance gear there’s a practical seasonable choice that’s sure to fit your four-legged best friend.

Crafted with sleek Danish design, the quilted waterproof outer layer protects against water and wind. The inner layer is insulated to keep Fido from getting cold. Reflective piping shows up at night so whether you’re in the mountains or a concrete jungle, you can easily keep an eye on your dog.

For the pampered pooch whose paws never touch city streets much less snowy trails, there’s a breath of Spring in this pale lilac sweater. Elegant in an icy pastel shade, this sweater will warm any dog mama’s heart. Made in Spain exclusively for this posh grooming and day care destination.

suits up. Reversible and red, what better way to ward off winter? Love this dachshund-friendly brand for cool, comfortable and chic looks suitable for hot dogs.

Perfect for frosty adventures, the snowman ribbon collar with a matching lead or harnesses comes in a wide variety of lengths, and in three widths. The pretty stain and fray resistant ribbon, just one of the festive looks Up Country is known for, is backed with high-tensile strength nylon webbing. The hardware is cast, not welded brass for extra strength, and buckles are Coast Guard approved for high weight hold. Slim enough for a teacup, strong enough for a shepherd.

Waterproof Dog Leggings are a must to keep your canine’s feet clean and dry during snowy, icy, wet, and dirty walks. Waterproof full-length leggings strap on without constricting blood flow, efficiently protecting paws from snow melt, salt and hazardous winter chemicals. Fido can now enjoy a walk down de-iced city streets in comfort and style.

Inspired by the rugged materials and colors of your own trusted field coat. Durable cotton twill outer protects your dog from the elements. Supersoft fleece lining keeps the pup warm. Antiqued brass shotshell-inspired snaps accent the corduroy collar. A casual look for the outdoor dog who accompanies you on hikes and hunts.

Skjoring they say feels like flying, moving in perfect harmony with a pair of Alaskan huskies you can depend on the Omnijor Joring System (love the Orange Poppy, so bright against the snow). The dogs pull and the human skis, skateboards, or bikes. Granted Joring is not something you are likely to do down 5th Avenue after a blizzard but hey, you never know when you’ll need to prep for the winter Olympics with your dog in tow. No worries though, there is a ton of innovative performance gear available from Ruffwear, just take a virtual trip to the snowbound lands on their website for an idea of how to help your dog flourish when the weather turns.

keeps Fido cozy in this fleece-trimmed and lined Lumberjack Plaid coat. As much fun to wear on snow-flaked sidewalks as it is on a romp in the hills. A great transitional item if you’re going from city to country.

lets the sunshine in with a warm yellow wool coat accented with shiny silver buttons. Nattily tailored, this exclusive look is terrific for the city pet whose tummy is never covered in slush. Good thing Reme’s offers grooming too, if by some wild chance your dog does get into a wet snowy mess you can have Fido shampooed while the coat is at the dry cleaner.

allows you to feel proprietary about your pet with their name emblazoned on a warm winter jacket. Sherpa fleece lining and faux fur trim complete the look that’s as suitable for Maine as it is for Manhattan.

suggests a Nordic sweater for your fur kid. Yes, they make them for cats too. Snowflakes and more traditional icons of winter adorn this spin on a classic fair isle hoodie your dog will love to hate. Way too cute to be an ugly Christmas sweater. If you really want to get in the swing of things for the Holidays be classy, says Shinesty, not tacky and wear a matching bright red and navy sweater suit in the same familiar print. It’s sensual, it’s sophisticated, and you can’t find it at J. Crew, they want you to know. Honestly, who doesn’t want to go to Christmas parties in the same outfit as your dog?

goes native with a luxe Leopard Faux Fur coat that’s dressy and warm, and comfy too. The lining is smooth and silky plus it’s practical with a harness patch and Velcro closures. Best of all, for a dachshund or a longer dog the coat comes in an added size 15. Sure to make your dog feel like the King (or Queen) of Beasts.

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