Furever Pet Furniture:

Pet Furrrniture You (and your cat) Will Cherish Long After the Holidays Are Over

By Annabelle Shapiro

With the Holidays upon us the scents of cookies baking and turkey roasting are what we want to experience. The disruptive odors coming from your cat’s litter box are not what we are looking forward to especially at this time of year. Not matter how much we love our pets and treat them like a member of the family dealing with their waste is never fun.

Furever Pet Furniture offers an ingenious way around this challenge for pet parents with a stylish way to store your cat’s litterbox. Given the exclusive odor-blocking technology that all Furever Pet Furniture products have, it’s guaranteed that your home will smell fresh and not like your best feline-friend’s bathroom. This is because all their products are finished with an advanced surface coating spray which breaks down odor, bacteria, and also prevents microbial growth. And that means, yes, no unpleasant scents to distract from the sweet smells of the season.

When a Floridian couple had nowhere to hide their cat’s litter box, Furever Pet Furniture tells Pet Lifestyles Magazine came up with a sleek and practical solution. “Furever Pet Furniture came about a result of a husband and wife’s lack of space for a litter box. Why expose the litter box to friends and family when hiding it in a beautiful cabinet that the cat can access easily can be done? From there, the introduction of odor blocking spray, various stains, designs and custom options arose, culminating in thousands of happy customers and the company as it is today!” And what a great solution this sophisticated idea is. Your cat’s bathroom odors are contained and the delights of the Holidays are not disturbed with such unpleasantness. With so many gorgeous colors and design options to choose from, your Furever Pet Furniture will turn the litterbox from being an eyesore into a beautiful and functional piece of furniture in your home. We especially like the standard and double cabinets, as the standard is perfect for tight spaces and bathrooms yet the double is great for fitting two litter boxes.

Be sure to pick up your favorite piece of Furever Pet Furniture at their website: fureverpetfurniture.com or for all you social media buffs out there, check out their Instagram page @fureverpetfurniture. Both you and your cat will thank you long after the Holidays are over!

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