By: Pamela Smythe Woods

Give Pet Dads a break this Father’s Day - and let the relaxation continue all Summer long with special gifts for Fido and Fifi that make time together worthwhile. From calming chews to fun experiences for Fido and Fifi here are PET LIFESTYLES recommendations for Dad’s Day Off

1. DOGIPACK Just for Dad, the ultimate hold everything hiking - or just walking round the ‘hood - belt. Room for poop bags, water, keys, flashlight, phone, and cash. Love the camo? Sure to blend in even if you live in an urban jungle. Fetch:
2. SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 TREATS FOR DOGS Super fun and delicious rewards for Fido who is sure to be on best behavior this Father’s Day. Make going to the movie a family outing, and bring home the treats for your pup. From Blue Dog Bakery. Fetch:
3. FIESTAWARE Celebrate the day with fun doggie or kitty dishes from FiestaWare. Colorful and lively, what better way to give feeding time a boost? Dad, Fido or Fifi will all appreciate. Fetch:
4. SHARK VACUUM Make it easy on Dad, give him the new self-cleaning Apex Shark Vacuum. It makes ridding your home of pet hair a breeze. He’s sure to love a gift that makes a necessary chore go faster with even better results. Fetch:
5. DR. MARTY NATURE’S BLEND Take a cue from uber vet, Dr. Marty Goldstein, his freeze-dried raw food blend - poultry, beef, and fish - is a dog’s delight. Healthy ingredients. Dog and Dad approved. Fetch it:
6. KITTY CARDBOARD Some cats climb, some cave, but with kitty cardboard’s imagined castles they can all find fun on Father’s Day. Meow:
7. PEANUT BUTTER DOGS Make Dad’s day with a book that’s sure to make him smile. Hilarious photos of our four-legged besties lickin’ up the good stuff: peanut butter. Fetch:
8. POCO PET CARRIER Heading off on a road trip? Bring Fido along to keep Dad company in this fold-it-up when you’re not using it, a practical portable pooch pouch. Fetch:
9. PIT BULL HEROES Once known as the “Nanny Dogs,” this much maligned breed shows their lovable side. For any Pittie parent who knows these dogs are not all bad to the bone, some couldn’t be sweeter. Fetch:
10. FABLE The exceptionally well-designed harness and leash for Dad’s best friend. Simple, secure, functional with one-of-a kind hardware. So modern and sleek, Dad (and mom too) will want a wardrobe of these luxe pet accessories. Fetch:
11. BUZZN BITES Chill Fido chill. That’s the buzz this Father’s Day with the yummiest full spectrum hemp treats for dogs. Give and get buzzn’! Fetch:
12. GROOMIT Give Dad the luxury of a day off with this come-to-your house grooming service. Fido or Fifi (dog or cat) will look great and Dad won’t have to miss the big game, it’s a perfect pairing. Fetch:
13. PEDIPETS Toddler in the house? Coordinate your pet’s collar and leash with your tot’s shoes for a fun Father’s Day look Dad will love. Couldn’t be cuter! Fetch:
14. YOGI-DOG YOGURT FOR DOGS No it’s not toungue out Thursday. Come Father’s Day give Fido one cool and healthy treat. Gratitude will be gifted. Fetch:
15. FRENCHIE STORE Rock’n roll dads will groove on this playfully patriotic look for pups under 35 pounds. Stars and stripes rule this Father’s Day. Fetch:
16. WIGZI WEATHERPROOF COLLARS AND LEADS For the outdoorsy Dad whose dog is his favorite companion for leisurely hikes or a beautiful day by the lake. Reflective strips aid visibility for this guaranteed tough gear for the family dog. Fetch:
17. TEEF Who wants doggie breath especially on Father’s Day? Ridiculously safe and easy dental care for dogs, rooted in science. Fetch:
18. AUTODOG MUG LEAK TIGHT Perfectly portable for keeping Fido hydrated on the go, now even more efficient and leak proof. Give one to Dad to keep in the car all the time. Fetch:
19. PHYTO-BITES Travel-ready CBD treats for dogs or cats who need to take the edge off before they hit the road. If bringing Fifi along is on the agenda, these are a must. Meow:
20. CBDOG DAILY BISCUITS Sweet potatoes and peanuts make these CBD-infused yummies a pup-pleaser. Dad will be happy to see Fido begging for more. Fetch:
21. UP COUNTRY Beach days are always cause for celebration, but make time by the shore special for Dad and his faithful four-legged friend with a new UpCountry Sanibel Collection collar for Father’s Day. Naturally nautical inspiration. Fetch:
22. REILLY’S HEMP VET Total health and wellness for Fido, now that’s a gift Dad will surely cherish. Reilly’s soft chews with CBD are also good to have on hand to calm your fur kid during thunderstorms or fireworks. Fetch:
23. FURZAPPER Finding Fido or Fifi’s fur all over your clothes as you’re heading out the door to brunch with Dad is far from fun. Magic! Fur Zapper to the rescue. Toss in washer or dryer and voila! Clothes are fur free. Meow:
24. CAT BATH WIPES WITH NATURAL CATNIP OIL A lil’ nip will do kitty just fine. Fast and easy way to spruce up FiFi before Dad takes a second look. Nothing like this purrfect catnip wipe to get your feline friend fresh and ready for visitors. Meow:
25. BOLD SOCKS We talk about wearing our heart on our sleeve. Bold Socks makes it possible to wear our pets on our feet with the choice of dogs or cats or even a custom pair with our own 1. fur kids. These daring socks are a fun way to go for pet parents of any generation. Meow:
26. MY PET - MY SCENT Come Father’s Day bet Dad would be happy to see his fave fur kid anxiety-free. This innovative natural kit combines hemp oil with the owner’s scent to reduce anxiety and increase comfort. Fetch:
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