By Sebastian Rubio

We all know that losing a pet is a common thing for any owner. Since there’s not always an Ace Ventura around when you need one, Huan has something better. Created by Gilad Rom, Huan finds and returns missing pets automatically through the trackers on their Smart Pet Tags. The tags then connect through Huan’s Pet Protection Network, allowing you to receive instant alerts if your pet is detected away from home or from you. The missing pet alert is also automatic, so you’ll be alerted if your pet escapes when you’re not home. As common as it is to lose pets, Huan truly is a godsend. Info:

Embark’s Breed Identification Kit
Have you ever wanted to know where your dog descends from? With Embark’s Breed Identification Kit, you can find out just that. It is a DNA test that looks at over 250 dog breeds, which can find your dog’s relatives and provides a family tree that can go back to its great-grandparents. The kit is also beneficial because knowing the exact breed of your dog can tell you how big it’ll get and can allow you to train your dog better. Embark also provides the option to upgrade to get your dog’s health results, which can help you take action to allow your dog to live a longer life! The company is also looking to eliminate preventable diseases in dogs, so if you choose to acquire your pooch’s health results, Embark can use that research to prevent diseases before they begin. Info:

Pet Waves
Have you ever wanted to create a tranquil environment for yourself and your pets at the same time? With Pet Waves, you’ll be able to. Created by a composer with Grammy-winning productions Barry Goldstein, he has used his invention to help himself bond with his own rescue dog to great effect. Pet Waves is a breakthrough because it is completely original music which is scientifically-based and composed specifically to relax your pet. Pet Waves utilizes sustained notes, specific harmonics, and serene arrangements to reduce anxiety and stress in dogs and humans composed at specific tempos to allow the heart to entrain to a relaxed state. If you want to just lay with your pet on a cool evening, this product is perfect. Info:

Have you wanted to bathe your pet with the same quality as your local groomer? If you use Rinseroo, you can. In seconds, you can use Rinseroo’s patented slip-on design, which can convert most showerheads or faucets into a pet-bathing machine! Its connector is made of an elastic thermoplastic which can stretch up to 10 times its original size. In addition, the Rinseroo can clean more than just your pet. When you’re finished, you can also clean your showers, babies, or even dirty boots. Once you use the Rinseroo, you’ll no longer have to rely on cleaning your pet with a bucket. Info:

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence
Thinking a virtual fence could come in handy on vacation, a family visit, or even if your own backyard? The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is the first and only one of its kind, which lets owners take their dog and fence wherever they go. Unlike typical electric fences, SpotOn lets users program containment areas by simply walking a perimeter, whether it be at home, camping, on the beach, or wherever you and your dog are together. On top of that, SpotOn allows you to track your dog, alerting you within seconds if he or she leaves the perimeter.. The collar is accompanied by a mobile app and customizable training programs. With this collar, both your pet and your worries are contained. Info:

Have you ever wished there was a way you could have pet checked without having to drive your pet all the way to the vet? Joii has that covered. A relatively new app aiming to tackle the rising costs of vet care, Joii offers a free symptom checker and remote consultations with real vets. As a result, Joii can save owners up to 60% on normal vet fees while offering 70% of the normal services a vet can provide. Joii was created by Vet-AI, which is the first company in the world that will use AI technology to support the health of pets. Info:

Have you ever wanted a toy that can help your dog practice digging? Well you’re in luck. iDig is the first digging toy for dogs, providing hours of positive physical and mental stimulation by encouraging the dog’s natural digging behavior through playing. All you have to do is load up the flaps with your dog’s favorite treats, and watch it dig. The iDig comes in two versions: the iDig Go, the more flexible version, and the iDig Stay, which is compact and sports a hard shell. Additionally, the iDig is one of the only brain games that lets owners reward their dogs with their favorite toys, from squeakers to tennis balls, allowing for rewarding playtime that doesn’t have to involve treats. Info:

Because of how horrible a hot car can be for a dog, William Loopesko of PuppTech has created a solution. PuppComm is a device that monitors the temperature and humidity inside a vehicle and sends real-time information to an app on a user’s smartphone. It also comes with a sticker to inform passersby that the dog is being monitored, and gives them a number they can text to see the same information the dog’s owner receives on their phone. The device is portable, so it can also be attached to cages and crates to monitor dogs wherever they are. Although William Loopesko does not recommend leaving a dog in a car for extended periods of time, the reality is that many owners will leave their dogs in the car. Therefore, the app can help ensure owners that their pet is safe regardless of circumstances. Info:

With Pawlee, providing your pet with a caregiver is easier than ever before. Pawlee is a new digital platform that aims to connect proud parents with professional pet caregivers by helping them to socialize with like-minded people locally, and around the world. Also, pet parents can create a pet’s virtual identity, making it a Facebook for pets. This is a fun way to showcase your animal companion and connect with other pet lovers throughout the country. In addition, pet owners seeking services can communicate with providers to view rates, availability and book appointments. Services such as pet sitters, boarding, groomers, pet taxis and foster pet parents will be available on Pawlee. Info:

Pet Connect
Have you ever wanted to access a plethora of services for your pet right from the palm of your hand, all from one app? With Pet Connect, you can do just that. Not only does the app give you over 100,000 pet-friendly resources across the US, but you could also receive valuable promotions for pet products and services. In addition, you can book your pets services directly from the app. To make matters easier for your pet’s resources, you can archive and share your pet’s adoption, medical, and training records. On top of that, you can automatically share your pet owner responsibilities with family members. Info:

Dig Dates
Have you always to find a partner who’s able to love your dog just as much as you do? That was Casey and Leigh Isaacson’s mission when they created Dig Dates. They have wanted dog people to connect with one another based on what’s important to them. Dig Dates has unique features to help you like planning a dog friendly date, a daily deal from pet companies, and promoting rescue and foster groups at all Dig events. It’s hard for a relationship to work out when your partner doesn’t have the same feelings as you about your dig, which is what the creators of Dig Dates hope to fix. Info:

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