Minimalist Kitty Beds!

By Monie Schulling

Comfort and Design for your favorite feline! The interior design we choose for our homes is very important to us, and now we can choose furniture and accessories for our kitty that complements our home environment. Several stunning lines of modern and minimalistic cat furniture and beds have been developed that will blend in and balance your living space while giving your pampered Kitty Prince or Princess the comfort and secluded sleeping atmosphere they need to feel secure and help enrich their sense of well-being.

The fantastic Purple mattress company has now designed Purple Pet Beds! Per Purple, they are Paws-itively comfortable and just what your pampered puss deserves; a good day and night’s sleep! With one inch of the Purple Grid™ patented Smart-Comfort grid your kitty will rest easy because the bed has been engineered to adapt to your cat’s body for deep pressure relief and support. Great for your older feline too! The stretchy, washable cover is durable, odor-neutralizing, moisture-resistant, antimicrobial, easy to clean, and great looking in your home. The bed comes in three sizes for both cats and dogs, with a removable washable cover. Free shipping in the contiguous USA. Available at

Meyou-Paris has a new line of accessories and furniture for cats in the image of our companions: delicate and elegant. Inspired by Scandinavian design, all products are French-made from all-natural materials. The products are designed to offer maximum comfort to your kitty while beautifully complimenting your interior design. The BALL is a soft sphere that comes in several colors which is both a comfortable cocoon and a scratching post. Your kitties will be in, around and on top of the Ball! The BALL is placed on an elegant support combining wood or metal and comes in 7 colors with a choice of frame design and color. The company makes three styles of pet beds and many other products for your chic kitty. Available at

Fhasso has modern designed beds for cats so your kitty can have the ultimate chic sanctuary! This is contemporary accent piece is also serving as your cat’s favorite place to hide and nap. The luxury organic bamboo covered cat beds are handmade with an outer shell for protection and a soft, plush cushion inside. You pick the inside color choice of white or grey. The covered shell is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. All materials are safe, durable and long lasting for your pet, family and our planet. The machine washable cushion cover zips off for easy maintenance. Available at

From Tuft + Paw, comes a wonderful Choco Tent. Created using natural materials, this tent is meant to bring nature inside for your cat. Its smooth cone shape and domed wooden base offer a comfortable and contemporary hide-a-way for cats. A luxurious pillow insert supports your cat’s body and contours to their shape. The tent and wood disc are beautifully crafted and exquisitely designed to look kitty chic in any room. The tent comes in five colors to coordinate with your palette. Wooden rods support this tent and make it both solid and durable for use. Tuft + Paw makes beautiful products for cats. Every product is environmentally friendly and approved by cat behaviorists. The company supports animal rescue efforts in any way they can. Tent and pillow cover are washable. Available at

Square Paws hand-crafted and unique cat furniture continues to be fun and fanciful with products your fur child will love. The new LoveCat Tower comes in a single or double tower and can be customized. They developed the first model as a fundraiser to help the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and they have been making them ever since.  The Double LoveCat Tower is really nice for multi-cat households because it offers multiple places for cats to scratch and two luxurious heart-shaped beds that can each hold two cats, so it’s big enough for four cats if they are comfy and cozy with each other! Cats love to be elevated and it’s great for their well-being. Check out the fantastic designs on their web site or have them design one for your environment! Available at

The Lovely Caves Minimalist Style Cat Bed is designed to blend seamlessly with your Mid-Century Modern or retro environment. Your kitty will love sleeping in the soft, warm chenille and velvet fabric. The neutral cat bed is made with durable hardware, natural wood and tough sisal material so it’s sturdy enough to stand up to long-term use while looking absolutely paw-fect in your home. Your favorite feline will purr with content being part of your environment while having a sophisticated place to chill. Available at

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