Serious Snooze Decisions

Best Beds for Fido and Fifi

By Melanie Carden

Shopping for pet beds is more than choosing a color that matches your décor. You need to consider size, sleeping style, age, and health needs of your pet. Do they “mushroom cap” into a small ball when they sleep or are they spread out like they’re trying to win a game of Twister? Knowing that, and then measuring your feline or canine, will go a long way in helping you to choose just the right size. Do you have one furry friend—or will there be a fluffy pile of pups and cats sharing sleeping quarters? You may want a stately wood-frame for home and, perhaps, a soft-sided one for travel. These are all weighty decisions, but we’ve done most of the work for you!

Cozy Cave
Dogs and cats alike often love to cozy-up in their own little quiet nook. The Frisco igloo-style bed is the perfect match for the furry friend that likes a cozy hiding spot. No early morning sunshine in the eyes in this snuggle hut! Info: Chewy

Ahhh—Memory Foam
Older dogs who are prone to fatigue or arthritis will find sweet relief in this supportive memory foam bed from P.L.A.Y. With its water-resistant liner, it’s ready for any accidents along the way. And, trust us, dogs of all ages are likely to be leaping for joy when it’s nap time in this super-comfy beauty. With filling made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles, whether you choose grey, brown, or black…you’ll be GREEN! Info: P.L.A.Y.

National Park Pooches
For the four-legged best friend who loves to adventure in our nation’s national parks—or just chases squirrels on the town green, Pendleton offers this line of Kuddlers. Each print is an homage to a national park—“Acadia”is our favorite, shown here in striking black. These beds feature a non-pill polar fleece, overstuffed with recycled, high-loft MemoryFiber™ polyester fill. It offers bolster sides with a zippered, removable cover and it is machine washable. Info: Pendleton

Self-Warming Snugs
Snug as a bug in a self-warming rug—Scruff’s Thermal Dog Bed is self-warming! This thermal “champion of cozy” features a foam layer backed with reflective foil that’s sandwiched between quilted polyester fibers and the bed’s main fill. This layer actually reflects body heat back to your furry friend, while quilted hollow fiber beneath the bed’s fleece cover further insulates by holding the warm air. How great is that?! Info: Chewy

Tucked Away for a Puppy Stay
Editors are often very efficient, so it’s no surprise we love this murphy bed-style sleeper! This sleek design is perfect for apartments and smaller living spaces. It’s also the perfect gift for family members who may puppy-sit for long weekends—functional but ready for the grand-pup to visit at the drop of a milk bone. Info: Pet Pro Supply Company

Obviously, your floof needs a pouf! Designed for both cats and dogs, the pouf is a win for besties looking to sink in and cuddle up. It’s like a fuzzy hug for your pup. It adds a soft, demur décor element to any space—with the added bonus of spoiling the nap-needs of your little prince or princess. Info: Chewy

Orthopedic Hug
This K & H Brand orthopedic bolster bed is offered in a velvety fabric featuring a cute, subtle paw print pattern. Its elbow-noodle bolstered shape is just purr-fect for cats…and dogs who need a little extra support. Available in soft green as well as eggplant, it’s a big win in the affordable dog bed category. Info: Chewy

In or Out: No Doubt!
The Reddy Olive Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed is an ideal hangout for your pup built to withstand the elements so the two of you can watch a movie or enjoy the great outdoors together. Whether you’re chillin’ on your balcony or bonding at a campsite, this bed doubles as both an ultra-comfy sanctuary and durable on-the-go snooze zone. Info: Petco

Slumber Party!
Maybe you’ve got more than one dog (lucky you!) or maybe your dog likes to host slumber parties. New Age has got the cool-factor covered with this extraordinary bunk bed. Cats and dogs don’t mind sharing here—but they gotta have enough spunk to call dibs on the top bunk. Info: Pet Pro Supply Company

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