By April Anderson

Daytime television star, yes! Dog lover, yes! The actor, Thorsten Kaye - also known as, Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, trained in Classical Theater before becoming a soap star in 1995. He studied at the National Theatre in London. His roles were Shakespearean at the Hilberry Repertory Company in Detroit, where he started out, but the experience was simply a steppingstone for bigger opportunities in television.

I spoke with Thorsten from his home in Connecticut, where he described his life as a TV actor, but also as a happy father and husband, who is a great supporter of dog adoption over buying from a breeder.

Passionate about his acting career, Thorsten first offers advice to actors on how to approach their work, “actors have to find a way to make the role believable. We have to make the audience feel it”. He also says actors have to make each project they work on feel right for them. By ‘right’ he means, work with what you have and avoid the pitfalls of complaining when you don’t agree with the script. Thorsten’s words are a great reminder to actors that there’s a time to listen and a time to talk - A bit of sound advice coming from someone who’s made a successful career in daytime television.

Though he is one of daytime TV’s most popular actors, the adoration of fans though appreciated is not a distraction from his cherished off-camera time with his wife Susan Haskell, and daughters, Marlowe, and McKenna. And his two rescued dogs, Lucy, and Otis. He shares, “I’ve never bought a dog. I’ve always adopted”. And Thorsten’s daughters are just as committed to rescuing animals in need.

His values about adoption have rubbed off on his daughters when on each of their 10th birthdays they adopted dogs of their own. First, his eldest daughter, McKenna adopted Lucy, now 8. And then his youngest daughter adopted Otis, now 4. Both dogs came from rescue shelters, and are “big, lazy, happy dogs” according to, Thorsten. From this experience, he says, “the greatest pleasure, the most amazing gift is being a parent to kids - and to dogs”. He hopes his words serve to inspire others to adopt a pet. And his explanation for rescuing is simple, “a dog with a price tag from a breeder will always find a home”. Words he lives by.

Through determination and hard work, Kaye has struck a balance in his personal and professional worlds. Acting and his rescued dogs help tie his family together in a way that is well-adjusted and kind.

He hopes his family and his mantra - basically adopt don’t shop - can be an inspiration for others looking for a dog or cat in need of a forever home.  What would Thorsten Kaye like to see us do? Give the money you might pay to a breeder to a shelter and help restore health and happiness to our four-legged best friends.

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