Chic Cat Haute Collection

By Lana Van De Mark

When it comes to our pets, our passion drives us to make sure we are providing them with the best lifestyle there is to offer. Just like us, our pets deserve to be happy and healthy and have their wants and needs met. That’s why leading global fashion designer, and devoted cat owner Jason Wu is merging his creative fashion skills and passion for cats in collaboration with Cat Person to launch their new and exclusive chic cat care collection.

So, what better way to ring in 2022 than by treating your furry felines and yourself to this new and unique Haute CATure Collection. The stylish, affordable, and cat user-friendly products designed by Jason Wu are sure to improve the overall quality of your cat’s lifestyle and that special bond you share with them. “I treat my cats like they are little human beings,” Jason says, “I wanted to give them an experience that I would want to experience myself,” says the global womenswear fashion award-winning designer.

The collection includes:


Designed with a ventilated wooden lid for better air and light flow, pinewood top, and large corner entry for easier access. The high sides provide better concealment of odor and mess—streamlined design with two seamless parts for easy assembly and maintenance. Handles are designed for easier handling and to hang the hideaway scoop. Safe and recyclable. Price: $139

A chic pooper scooper designed with a durable aluminum alloy scoop and sturdy ergonomic pinewood handle, designed to sift large and small clumps and keep your kitty’s litter box cleaner. Its matching holder keeps the scooper and mess hidden. Attaches easily to the litter box. Longer lasting than the traditional plastic scoop. Sold separately from the Skylight Litter Box. Price: $24

Filled with catnip designed to strengthen your kitty’s natural hunting skills and your playful bond with them. Created with a string leash and fluffy tail that makes their hunting even more enticing. Price: $7


A sleek, semi-gloss bowl and detachable stand with matte tray. The shallow bowl is designed to meet the facial profile of all cats and reduce messiness. Dishwasher safe. Available in four colors. Price: $40

For more information on the Jason Wu/Cat Person Haute CATure Collection, visit

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