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Pet APPs to Help You

Manage Your Furrever Friend

By Sean-Patrick M. Hillman 

Just like in the human world, APPS for the care of our pets have become more and more important as each day goes by. Whether it is managing walking schedules for your dog, feeding schedules for multiple pets or training your pet, technology today helps make our lives so much easier.

Gone are the days when a couple needs to guess whether the other person in their relationship has run Fido out for a pee. So are the days of guessing whether or not your cat was given its medication for the day.

Good Pup
The key to a happy life with your dog? Training. Behavior is one of the top reasons dogs are sent to shelters, according to the The Humane Society of the United States. Good Pup’s mission is to help every dog and dog parent live their best lives together – so they created training that is effective, affordable, and rewarding. GoodPup training is 1–1, at-home, on your schedule, with trainers ready to help 24/7. Plus, a week of private training with GoodPup costs the same as a single group class at most pet stores.

Their story starts with three cat parents looking for a go-to resource to learn how to better take care and train their cats. Lumsters wanted to create a space where cat lovers can come together and also change the stigma of cats (because how can anyone not love cats and their eccentricities?!)

Lumsters provides access to over 15+ lessons from the basics of clicker training to getting your cat into a carrier and more! See how your cat progresses with in-app trackers and level up as your cat learns more skills. Everything you need to know about cat care. Just adopted a cat? Help them assimilate into your home. Figuring out what type of toys they like? Lumsters can help.. 

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross
The Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for emergencies as well as everyday pet care in the palm of your hand. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know pet first aid.

If you’re in need of immediate veterinary advice, Airvet, the 24/7 veterinary telehealth service, can help. With no appointment necessary and unlimited access to video calls and chats with licensed vets with a membership, Airvet makes it quick and easy to consult a professional.

With Buddies, tracking your pet’s appointments, medications, and more is easy with their timeline feature. You can also connect with other pet parents using the community feature, where you can share updates with other users.

The 11pets app pretty much covers everything when it comes to your pet’s needs. With 11pets, you can store medical history, maintain a schedule for upcoming vaccines and vet visits, and even track your pet’s weight and nutrition. Plus, the account can be accessed on multiple devices so your family members can also keep tabs on the latest, making it extra easy on families.

DogLog is an easy-to-use pet care app that makes pet ownership less stressful. It helps dog owners track their pet’s health, coordinates daily pet-related tasks, and more! DogLog is great for single pet parents and for families.

There’s a lot of planning to do if your dog is going to travel with you. Where are the hotels that allow dogs? What about restaurants that allow dogs? You can find out via the BringFido app. To locate the best lodging options for your dog, search by location and use the built-in price, dog size, and other filters. 

If you’re planning a move and want to discover the best dog-friendly locations in your new neighbourhood, BringFido is worth checking out. You can even register to get notifications about future events that welcome dogs!