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By Sean-Patrick M. Hillman

New products come out virtually every single week in the pet industry. After all, in 2022, consumers spent $136.8 billion on their pets. That number is purported to have been much higher in 2023. It is also expected to increase significantly in 2024 thanks to increased costs from inflation.

Just like for human children, pet parents are willing to spend whatever it takes to take care of their fur-children. Whether it is a priobiotic to take care of those digestive issues or an enhanced chew toy that is designed to help with your furrever one’s oral health or the toughest and most indestructible ball ever created, we have put together the best and brightest new products for your furrbaby! 

The Rahr Dog Ball
Introducing the indestructible, shelter-saving, and vision-optimized dog ball! This ball is the ultimate plaything for your furry friend. It’s virtually indestructible, so you can finally say goodbye to constantly buying new toys. Plus, with each purchase of this ball, you’ll be giving a RAHRDOG ball to a shelter pup in need. That’s right, one ball can make a world of difference. Every RAHRDOG Ball is non-toxic, free of BPAs, latex and phthalates. $29.99 at

Adirondack Fragrance Farm’s Flea Flee Spritzer
This blend of rosemary, citronella, geranium, lemongrass, and cedar oils in a convenient spray bottle will help protect your best friend by repelling pesky fleas. Escape the daily hustle with Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm, a woman-owned, second-generation family business since 1979. Direct from their 160-acre farm, the meticulously crafted products, enriched with all-natural ingredients and indigenous Adirondack botanicals have the power to transport oneself to North Eastern New York’s serene landscapes. $24 at

Fera Probiotics
Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that help control the balance of the digestive system, aid in reducing loose stool due to environmental or dietary changes, and support the immune system and skin health. Fera’s Dr. Dulake custom-picked 12 living strains with powerful dosing of 5 billion CFUs to make a positive difference in your pet’s digestive health. Their probiotics also include organic prebiotics that supports normal microbial balance and the growth of beneficial bacteria in your pet’s intestines. Best of all, this flavorless powder easily mixes into your pet’s food. It’s easy and effective! $28.95 at

Fera Calm Goat Milk Topper
Fera’s Goat Milk Toppers for dogs and cats is each designed for extra healthy deliciousness. With Goat Milk as the #1 ingredient, these meal toppers are great for picky eaters, because pets love the cheesy smell and appetizing taste. It’s the easy (and yummy) way to level up your pet’s daily meals! Fera Goat Milk CALM formula features whole cream goat’s milk for irresistible flavor, combined with natural herbs and amino acids that promote rest and relaxation. $29.95 at

Arterra Adult Support Supplements
supplements ever made, featuring the best science-backed ingredients in their optimal forms and potency. Don’t wait until you see signs of aging. Their adult formula works proactively to support your dog’s health and set them up for success, while helping to slow down the clock. Formulated by board-certified veterinarians with 46 Active ingredients, their supplements are 100% Filler-free and made with natural bacon flavor that dogs love right here in the USA! From $24.75 per month at

Better Bone
BetterBone is the ultimate chew toy for your dog’s enjoyment, health, and safety. Crafted from two all-natural, food-grade, hypoallergenic ingredients, BetterBone’s ergonomic design was created with your pups smile in mind. Two ends with teeth cleaning nubs and ridges along with a gum massaging end help clean the tough-to-reach areas of their smile while being engaging and easy to hold. Coming in three densities (soft, medium, and hard) to give any strength chewer a tailored chewing experience. Available in all-natural, hypoallergenic, and natural beef flavoring! $17.99 - $22.99 at

Ora-Bone USA Dental Chew
DENTAL....BETTER! Three breath freshening ingredients fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut, while Ora-Bone™’s unique design has up to 2x the cleaning surface area of similar products. In addition, Ora-Bone has: · A dental feature on every surface · A center bulb that cleans behind the teeth, roof of mouth, and tongue · Stepped, tapered ribs, that wrap around both sides of the entire bone to form teeth-fitting channels that clean more effectively · The nibs around the heart-shaped opening massage the gums and scrape the tongue for fresher breath. $0.99 – $13.99 at

Toothsticks Daily Dental Dog Treats
Toothsticks Daily Dental Dog Treats have a unique pinwheel shape that supports your dog’s dental health by mechanically cleaning teeth while reducing tartar and massaging gums. Made in the USA with real chicken and breath-freshening mint, parsley, and alfalfa. Toothstick treats taste great, which will ensure that your dog will enjoy chewing them and you’ll be happy he’s getting the oral hygiene benefits he needs. Available in 2 sizes: Toy/Small(1-20lbs) and
Medium/Large(20-100+lbs) Use these treats daily to help maintain your
dog’s dental health. $8.49 at

Bella Roma Travel Bowls
+ Double Diners

Bella Roma Travel Bowls + Double Diners from Loving Pets are the ultimate bowl for pets and pet parents on the go! Patent pending designs feature integrated locking lids to store food and built-in legs to support the bowl/diner, preventing unwanted collapses while your pet feeds or drinks. Dishwasher safe and BPA-free, Bellas Roma Travel Collection can pack flat or be hung from a backpack, purse, belt loop, or leash with the included carabiner. From $6.49 at

The Fritz Bed
Meet the Fritz Bed! The first fully recycled good looking dog bed. This bed is made of 100% recycled PET bottles. The machine washable cover is recycled canvas, and the insert cushion is recycled PET cotton. Spoil your pup now with a bed that is durable, water-resistant, and scratch-proof. This bed is currently available in one size, 35 x 25 inches. $149 at