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Sassy Up That Furrever Friend With Some New Threads

Spring Fashion & Accessories For Your Dog

By Elizabeth Marie

Your dog is going to be on the best-dressed list thanks to these pawfect fashion suggestions! After months of cold weather, nothing beats the warm, welcoming sunshine of Spring. And the best way to melt away those winter blues is to take in everything Mother Nature throws at us…with some style! Whether it’s a doggie-picnic you are throwing for your furrever friend and more, going to an adoption fair to find a sibling for Fido or simply just walking your dog, we have some fun and stand-out styles for you to check out this Spring! And when it comes to Spring celebrations, like St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter, we have you covered there to!

Splash Around in Colorful Rainwear
Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you can stay inside, after all, Fido needs to poo and pee! What you can do, though, is keep your dog warm and dry in either a traditional or more fun raincoat! For a more traditional look, go for the Frisco Lightweight Rainy Days Dog Raincoat at for $14.99. It has large reflective stripes on it to help your pet stand out during spring showers. Or, if you are feeling fancy, you can go for the Milltown Dog Rain Jacket in Forest Green 2.0 for $60.00 at

As we suggested during the winter months, your best bet for paw protection is going to be PAWZ Dog Boots which comes in a variety of colors for $16.99. Or, you can reach for the stars and get your furrever one a pair of WagWellies from for $49.00. They are rubber, slip-on boots to help your dog avoid Spring-time rain runoff that may be carrying nasty dirt and debris from the winter months. 

Pro-Tip: Always make sure you have pet wipes handy when you come back in from a long walk when it is raining, or there is remnant dirt or mud on the walk. You want to wipe each paw to ensure the dirt, and any other material, is removed. If you live in an urban environment, often cleaning products are dried on the ground and your pet’s paws pick that up. If you live in a more suburban or rural environment, there are other elements like fertilizer that you want to avoid having Fido track into your home. 

Let’s Get Sporty
80’s fashions are very much back in style…for your furrever one as well! And while some of us wouldn’t mind a little Sunglasses At Night on our cool pooch, there are others that go for a more Miami Vice kind of look for their pet. We went down the middle and chose a more preppy route for this Spring’s fashions! Check out these iconic polos from Ralph Lauren for $40.00 at They come in a variety of colors and styles pawfect for your furrever one! If you want your dog to be dressed to impress, a classic polo is the best way to get him or her into that fancy country club too! PetSmart has two really cute options as well; the Max’s Closet Designer Dog Polo for $18.99 and the Top Paw Blue Stripe Button Up Dog Shirt for $9.97 at

Make That Collar and Leash Stand Out!
You’ve done Spring Cleaning in the house, now isn’t it time to Spring Clean your canine’s accessories? Or maybe just a refresh? That trend from last year that touted bright colors is still, in fact, the trend for this Spring. Look for bright colors like orange and yellow, flowery add-ons and fun tie-ins for those traditional collars, harnesses and leads! Sometimes loud or very bright colors actually help people to see your pet at night. Especially in a suburban environment where there may not be as many street lights as we want. We love the collars at Sniff & Bark, especially the Bright Orange Unbreakable Collar for $30.00 at! Or, you can head over to or your nearest PetSmart location, and peruse the endless options of collars, harnesses and leads!

As with humans, the best parts of an outfit can often be the accessories. We recommend add-ons to your pet’s collar like a bow or flower, but you can always find a lot of different choices at your local pet retailer like PetSmart.  

Make Mom Proud
Dog Moms take care of their furrever ones as if they were their human children. They work hard all year long to make sure that bowl is full, as is that belly, and that they’re safe, clean and happy. Shouldn’t your furrever one get dressed up for Mom’s special day? has some fun shirts and the like from Frisco that have messages like “I Love Mommy.” The lightweight tee is machine-washable for $10.16 at They also have a fun t-shirt that says “Mama’s Girl” for $12.99. And, if you are the Pet Dad, or the other Pet Mom in a relationship, you could also go above and beyond by booking a simple photo shoot with a cute background in your local area. The photo shoot could mimic a fun Mother’s Day card cover or similar celebratory marker. That way, Mother’s Day becomes more about Mom than the dog

Who Doesn’t Love Twinning With Their Furrever Friend?
You love your dog. You love dressing your dog up. And we have all seen the insanity on the streets of cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami where pet parents actually wear matching outfits with their pets. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you (okay, maybe just a little). There are plenty of brands out there that make matching outfits for pet and pet parent like the Red Plaid Dog Hoodie for $22.00 and the human version for $40.00 from Not into hoodies? Try these matching Coffee Dogs Pet & Owner set of pajamas from for $55.98!

We can’t tell you how many holiday cards we received last year that featured a pet parent with their pet wearing matching Santa-type outfits. Yes, there are a lot of folks out there who love to twin-it-up with their furrever one! 

Celebrate Irish Pride Together!
With St. Patrick’s Day halfway into the month, your furrever one can celebrate the day St. Patrick drove the snakes from the Emerald Isle as well! After all, on March 17, everyone is Irish! And while your furrever one may not be able to imbibe with you, at the very least they can don their Irish colors and show Emerald pride to your friends at the bar (if the bar is allowing pets). Try this ultra-cute Frisco “Let’s Get Shamrocked” t-shirt for $8.99 at or “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt from for $12.95

Easter Pops In Pastels and Bunny Ears!
We all know how popular hats are on Easter. Check out this adogable Easter Bonnet Dog Hat from for $7.31. Then there are the more traditional, fun accessories you can dress your canine with for Easter such as these cute bunny ears by ANIAC for $11.99 at Doggy scarves are also another way to dress up Fido for Easter, using more pastel-oriented colors to match the holiday. Our recommendation would be to go to or to search for these as pastel colors are more of a personal choice, depending on how, or if, you celebrate Easter.

Remember that Easter is all about softer pastels and smoother lines. So you want to make sure that whatever outfit you are wearing doesn’t contrast with your furrever one’s new outfit! Especially when it comes to contrasting pastels and deep colors. That never works out well in those family photos!