Kitten Ready for Spring: A Feline’s Guide to a Successful Transition

By Alyssa Huckleberry

According to the federal calendar, Punxsutawney Phil, and Vogue’s latest runway designs, spring is here. We all know we’re supposed to don floral skirts & short-sleeve shirts, to exfoliate and moisturize skin that’s taken a beating during the winter months, and to tone and fuel our bodies in preparation for summer’s impending glory.

But what about our pets? Surely, they’re not to be left behind! It’s possible you’ve never considered how to help your pet transition into the new season. In the event that your feline friend has been overlooked in years past, consider Felix’s tips for a successful transition into spring. Because every kitty should be comfortable, healthy…and fabulous.

Kitty Couture: Yes, it’s warming up…slowly. We may be eager to discard our thick scarves, heavy coats and clunky boots—but your feline will likely still need some transitional pieces to adjust to the gradual change in weather. This is especially important when you consider that most cats shed their winter coats, making them extra vulnerable to the cold!

Felix’s Find: custom-made designs from The Wonderful World of Whimsy Instagram shop are his favorite pieces: he’s appreciated his svelte turtleneck and reversible faux-fur fleece coat (with matching belt!) in particular.

Coveted Coat: Bring out the self-tanning lotions, bronzer, and…tuna? Okay, the first two won’t work on Puss—but the fish oil in a tablespoon-sized slice of fresh tuna is known to help nourish dry skin. As cats shed their thick winter coats, maintaining a healthy coat prevents against excessive hairballs.

Felix’s Find: Feeling especially fancy? Felix loves a “kitty facial” of hot steam that can easily be created in the aftermath of a warm shower OR a stove-warmed teapot (use discretion!).

Mindful Munching: How’s that New Year’s resolution coming along? Finding it easier to monitor a health plan for your precious pet? While pets (like humans) need about 15% more calories through winter to compensate for the higher caloric burn rate associated with cold weather, spring is a different story. On colder days, consider warming fresh pumpkin as a comfort food for your kitty—not only is it good for their digestive system and a low-caloric treat, but it’s rich in vitamins A and C and is known to make your cat’s coat thick and shiny.

Still stuffed on pumpkin from the fall? Cucumber is a refreshing treat that provides hydration for reluctant water drinkers. The vitamin K from a garden cucumber also helps against blood-clotting and supports a healthy liver. One or two thin slices is all that’s needed!

Felix’s Find: Persian cucumbers (year-round) and Winter Luxury pumpkins (seasonal find) are Felix’s preferred veggie treats.

Fe-line Fabulous: You’re looking fabulous…but that means nothing if you’re miserable in the cold or suffering from seasonal allergies. The same is true for your fur-baby! If you’re worried about your kitty (or notice he or she is sneezing, snoring, or scratching), take extra effort to clean surfaces, vacuum, and remove shoes to avoid tracking in pollen and allergens. You might also consider giving your cat a bath using a waterless shampoo (they’re likely to groom and ingest any allergens that get caught on their coat) and washing any pillows or blankets your pet spends significant time on.

Felix’s Find: Heated rice-packs are a special treat for a kitty or pup prone to shivers (or an arthritic pet). A warmed pack (3-4 minutes in the microwave) is delightful on a human lap and encourages the best snuggles! The impressive warmth retention also works well for heating your kitty’s favorite lounge spot while you’re away. Get a cute design (multiple sizes available) from The Wonderful World of Whimsy’s Instagram shop.

What will spring bring your way? Felix and I can’t wait to see…and we hope you’ll share your favorite hacks and tips with us on Instagram (@felixfurever)!

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