By KC Jones

The 17 year old activist, ambassador for, best-selling author and actress met me on Zoom for an afternoon to talk about what she and her pup have been up to during quarantine.

Maddie, the 8 year old black and white Havanese is a “velcro puppy” Carrie tells me. She follows her everywhere, “like velcro she’s there even when you don’t realize.”

Carrie wasn’t a big dog fan growing up, they scared her, but her mother really wanted a dog and when she met Maddie, it was clear she was the one. In true Generation Z fashion, they picked Maddie out online, and it was love at first click.

As an only child she is really grateful to have Maddie around. “I haven’t seen or hugged anyone besides my mother so having Maddie to wake up to is a plus.” She likes to go on walks and visit Carrie’s uncle nearby. “She loves to play with her La La Lamb Chops toy. We tease her and she’ll tease back, it’s so cute.” Maddie is also “obsessed with her Chewy Chewy chicken sticks.”

During this time in lockdown, she’s been keeping busy. Her day starts in the afternoon full of emails, zoom meetings and content creating. Her workout runs with Maddie keep her grounded, especially on the particularly anxious days. Having the time to spend quality time has been a positive in many ways.

The day to day is pretty jammed packed for this young entrepreneur. “Social media is really thriving. There is actually more work online for me now than before.” Carrie says. She’s been writing a lot of content for Girls Life Magazine as well and making sure to keep up with Maddie snuggles and cuddles in between takes.

Post quarantine when it’s safe to gather again, Carrie looks forward to beauty salon days, pop-up shop events, fashion week and just “being able to hang out with my friends.” Most of all she looks forward to taking Maddie to the daycare center. “I’m excited to watch her play again with all of her friends. She always looks so happy.”

Carrie is not short of ideas. She’s taking advantage and finding opportunities in her “Creative Hub” as she’s come to call this moment in history. She recognizes what matters most and is learning a lot about balance. Actually being able to sleep in and organize her day with Maddie has truly been a breath of fresh air. Some days are harder than others but “thank goodness for Maddie, I wouldn’t be able to get through any of this without her.”

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