Nikki DeLoach

And Her Family Protector, Windsor

By Crystal C. Long

One of Hallmark Channel’s leading actresses, Nikki DeLoach’s life changed when she opened her heart to her now three-year old British Lab named Windsor. However, it was quite a struggle at the beginning of their lifelong friendship – DeLoach got Windsor when she was pregnant with her second child. Being pregnant and already having a three-year-old running around, now adding a puppy to the mix, made things, well, challenging, to say the least. “I really ended up having to take care of two babies and a ‘three-nager’ that year.” The Hallmark star reveals to Pet Lifestyles Magazine, “But, now we have this incredible love muffin of a pup named Windsor. I couldn’t imagine life without him. He is named Windsor because my husband is obsessed with all things British.”

Labradors are known to be exceptional family dogs. British Labs are good-natured, smart and eager to please, and tend to be calmer compared to their American counterparts. And Windsor exhibits the classic traits of a British Labrador – being the perfect guardian for DeLoach and her family, especially for her youngest son, Bennett Christopher Goodell. “My favorite thing about him is how amazing he is with my two boys. He is so incredibly protective of them. If they get too far ahead on their scooters or too close to the ocean water, he gets very anxious and wants to go after them.”

Young Bennett has had a rough life – and he’s only three years old. Bennett was born with multiple congenital heart defects. As a result, he has had three surgeries in two years. Throughout this time, Windsor, being the incredible loving pup that he is, never left Bennett’s side. As DeLoach tells us, “He (Bennett) would get very sick between surgeries because his immune system was so compromised. Windsor knew before we did when he would be especially challenged. He would cling to him just before Bennett would spike a fever, and wouldn’t leave his side the entire time he was ill. Windsor is one amazing dog.”

Indeed, Windsor has become an integral part of DeLoach’s family – and they are grateful. Family outings always include their furry family member. Naturally family walks including Windsor are a priority but so is swimming, a sport at which Windsor excels. This handsome British Lab is also an intrepid road warrior, accompanying the family on long road trips when DeLoach has to film far away from home. “This year, we learned that Windsor was a great traveler. We drove approximately 7,500 miles together. Windsor was a champ! So, I think my new favorite thing to do with him is travel...”

Endless love describes the affection this family has for Windsor, and this handsome pup is eating it up. He is affectionately nicknamed by DeLoach “a Beverly Hills dog.” Why? Because Windsor loves the good life. His luxe musts: “A giant dog bed with soft pillows and other posh things.” Apparently this pooch grooves on the pampering, we’re told he sleeps in every morning. Says DeLoach,”he is way more fancy than I am.”

DeLoach is a passionate philanthropist. She is a spokeswoman for The Alzheimer’s Association.         She is also a spokeswoman for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). Both organizations are very close to her heart; DeLoach can’t express enough her gratitude and love for CHLA and serves on the Foundation Board of Trustees, where the amazing doctors and nurses saved young Bennett’s life, “He had his first open heart surgery at five days old at Children’s Hospital   Los Angeles. His second surgery was at 1 year old and his third was last July.”

With such a busy life, DeLoach make sure every day to take the time to indulge Windsor and shower him with love. “My boys decided to dress Windsor up in a superhero costume and have a ceremony for him. They gave him the title, ‘Windsor the Ultimate Super Dog.’ He got tons of treats and a new chew toy.” Surely that made his day!

We all need a superhero in our lives and the DeLoach / Goodell Family is stratospherically grateful for “Windsor the Ultimate Super Dog.” In fact, they wish EVERY FAMILY could have a dog whose mission in life was to love and protect them, just like Windsor, their British Lab!

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