A Celebirdy Wedding

Chris and Cass Tie The Knot

By Chris Minton

Fairytales truly do come true, especially on social media. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, pets too. Just like many humans my career came to a screeching halt in mid-March when we entered lockdown in New York. I had a big job on Saturday Night Live in early March and then my human and I headed north to spend the pandemic with my Grandma. I love hanging with Grandma, but as an animal entertainer I also love to perform and I wanted to find a way to bring my special talents to the world. At the advice of a friend who reps celebrity humans, my mom started a TikTok account for me (@christhecockatoo) and pretty soon I was shaking my moneymaker—and all the straws and props I could get my feet around – in videos and posting them to the app. I expected everyone would love to watch me dance, but I didn’t expect to meet the cockatoo woman of my dreams on TikTok.


Attendees: 1. Jameel, Bride’s Flock; 2. Jimmy, Wing Man; 3. Lava, Bride’s Flock; 4. Mr. Max, Grand Birdie of Ceremonies; 5. Rin the flower girl; 6. Rosy, Wing Man; 7. Sammy, Best Bird; 8. Starbuck, Bird of Honor; 9. Nemo, Wing Man; 10. Agador, Bride’s Flock.

One day when my mom and I were watching TikTok videos there she was, a vision in white feathers, swinging from a chandelier! I knew instantly she was the cockatoo for me. Her name is Cass (@cassthestinkychicken) and she is a beautiful umbrella cockatoo, just like me. Our moms got in touch and Cass and I began our cyber-courtship. Pretty soon I proposed with a beautiful rainbow colored heart shaped ring and Cass accepted. Just like human couples we had a lot of wedding planning to do. We thought we would have a low key, intimate virtual wedding because of COVID and because Cass lives in Missouri and I live in New York. But when our social media bird friends saw that we were getting married they all wanted to be part of the festivities. Cass and I started to document every aspect of the wedding planning including the proposal, picking out the flowers (it took willpower not to eat them), the dessert tasting (yes, vegan ice cream & sorbet), the gown and tux fittings (Cass’ mom made her beautiful gown), and choosing our wedding party (birds only, of course). We wanted all of our interested bird friends to be guests, but we picked the bird of honor, best bird, bride’s flock and wing men out of a hat (okay a bowl). The cockatoo MC was a You Tube star named Mr. Max. And, thanks to Pet Lifestyles, we had a human celebrity bestow a wedding blessing on us on the big day: Tony Award-winning animal trainer Bill Berloni gave us a lovely blessing we will cherish forever. After the wedding, Cass and I flew the coop for an exotic whirlwind virtual honeymoon.

For the moment, Cass and I will be living with our respective moms, because building a luxury nest is expensive, even though I’m doing most of the wood chipping myself. Now that I have a wife to support, I’m working harder than ever. I am pleased to share that I do have two jobs in addition to my acting and modeling roles. I’m an official content creator on TikTok and I’m an influencer for the new pet app, Purrch Pets (www.purrchpets.com).

The Celebirdy Wedding Gift Registry

For Chris and Cass, The Cockatoos

Cass and I are fortunate to live in private homes and have plenty of toys to play with, but not all parrots are so lucky. In lieu of wedding gifts for us, we ask that anyone interested purchase a toy for a parrot living in a bird rescue. We are partnering with Birdie Box Bird Toys (birdieboxbirdtoys.com) to do that. Here is the link to donate a toy to a bird in need: birdieboxbirdtoys.com/rescues-sanctuaries.html

Even though Cass and I do enjoy the good life - yes, it includes lots of toys - we know we are blessed to live in happy homes with moms who take good care of us. We decided that in lieu of wedding gifts for ourselves we would suggest that anyone interested donate a toy in need to a bird in a rescue. If you would like to help a bird please purchase a bird toy from Birdie Box Bird Toys (see inset above for the link) and Birdie Box will send your gift directly to a bird rescue in honor of our wedding.

I hope everyone enjoys our wedding photos here and videos on petlifestylesmagazine.com. You can follow us @christhecockatoo and @cassthestinkychicken on Instagram and Tik Tok.

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