CBD And Our Pets

Relevant Questions, Helpful Answers

By Samantha Smith

CBD for Pets is booming! But with so many brands, come so many questions. What brands are safe to give our furry friends? What kind of products are offered? What are these products made of and how can they help my pet? Who are the people behind these brands? And what do they stand for? In this CBD product roundup, we take a look at CBD products based on outstanding research, proven to all contribute effectively to the health and wellness of our four-legged best friends.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart has been a pet owner for decades - dogs, certainly, but a host of other animals too. The experience taught her exactly what pets need to live long, healthy, and happy lives, which is why she teamed up with Dr. Bob Menardi, DVM, Director of Veterinary Technical and Educational Services at Canopy Animal Health, to create CBD products that are well-researched and proven effective for pets including Pet Soft-Baked Chews for calm in a delicious chicken and cranberry flavor; mobility in chicken and blueberry; and wellness in chicken, blueberry, and anise as well as chicken-flavored Pet Wellness Drops. Trust Martha to create CBD for our pets that looks great and tastes delicious.
Info: marthastewart.com

With help from a holistic doctor out of Chicago, Michigan natives, Jeremey Dybdal, CEO of BC Hemp Co, and Joel Mbungl, founder of their Paw-able product line, created meat-free CBD pet treats to help with digestive health and mobility as well as tinctures to alleviate anxiety, and pet balm to assist with dry, cracked, and inflamed paws. Paw-able’s holistic ingredients include organic pumpkin, anti-oxidant-rich blueberries, hemp hearts, olive oil, and grain-free brown rice meal, all of which is locally sourced. Relief packages can be customized for each pup to pinpoint their ailment and create an effective CBD-based treatment to help. Info: paw-able.com

Ellevet Sciences
Packed with CBD, CBDA, and CBDG, Ellevet’s schews, soft gels, and oils have been scientifically proven to help with stress, mobility, osteoarthritis, and skin irritation. Founder Amanda Howland explains that Ellevet’s full-spectrum hemp products that have been proven effective in clinical trials, additional care is taken to assure that the recommended dosage is keyed to the metabolic rate of the animal. Ellevet is currently conducting studies with the goal of developing products for parrots, monkeys, and horses.
Info: ellevetsciences.com

Rascals Better Buddy
Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co. has launched their own pet product line, Rascal’s Better Buddy, with the release of its Easy Buddy (calming) and Run Around, (mobility) tablets. According to CEO and Founder, Chris Denicola, Rascal’s Better Buddy mobility tablets are a mix of CBD and CBN to help with pain and joint function without making a dog or cat tired, while their calming tablets, a mix of CBD & CBG, ease the mind without tranquilizing. Going forward, the company hopes to raise funds to work with Colorado State University to create a new tablet that would assist in treating seizures. Info: crappysfeelbetter.com

Heirloom Pets
With their water-soluble one-of-a-kind, calming road sticks, everyday maintenance food toppers, and bone broth that helps with arthritis and blood flow; science, innovation, bioavailability, onset time, and ease of distribution of their products are what Heirloom Pets, as a company, holds dear. President of Heirloom Pets, Jason Lysak, and his business partner, Brandi DeLancy, explain, “with our water-soluble product you get over 90% of the ingested dose in 7 to 8 minutes.” Heirloom’s bone broth currently contains water, hemp, beef, and sweet potato. Moving forward, all Heirloom products will exclusively contain meat and hemp. Plans to create road trip sticks for dogs under 25 pounds and new bone broth recipes are in the works. Info: heirloompets.com

Austin and Kat
Austin and Kat: All-Natural CBD Remedies, created in partnership with Treehouse Biotech, assists with general wellness as well as specific needs. The company produces low-dose tinctures for everyday health, made of hemp seed oil, blended with Alaskan salmon oil and Co Q-10, to boost heart health, and black pepper extract which allows for better absorption of CBD. According to company founder and CEO, Kat Donatello, this particular blend allows pet parents to administer less medicine with a longer effect. The extra strength oils also contain organic MCT oil from coconut to aid neurological conditions, promote energy, and help fight infection. Additionally, Austin and Kat makes a hip and joint tincture, anxiety and agility tinctures, and biscuits made from valerian root, lavender, and chamomile, in addition to CBD. Bursting with antioxidants their soft chews contain curcumin, a spice that assists with inflammation. Chief Science Officer, Matthew Heck joined Austin and Kat from The Mayo Clinic, to dedicate himself to applying his research to the healthy lifespans of pets. Info: austinandkat.com

Pet Releaf
Pet Releaf is the first pet company to ever have the USDA, NASC, and the US Hemp Authority seal on their pet treats, topicals, oils, and capsules. Targeting many different ailments for pets, their CBD supplements are USDA certified and feature organic ingredients such as honey, bananas, pea flour, and vitamin E oil. Never filled with gelatin or any preservatives, Pet Releaf supplements are meant to change what healthy means for pets. A team of exceptional veterinarians, specializing in different areas including microbial physiology, infectious diseases, integrative science, holistic therapies, chiropractic, and ozone therapy help Pet Releaf bridge the gap between traditional medicine and alternative medicine as together they help educate the world on the benefits of CBD promoting good health through all the years of our pet’s lives. Info: petreleaf.com

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