By April Anderson | Photos: Courtesy of Sydney Mikayla

It's not everyday you meet someone who successfully juggles finishing her high school education while starring in one of the most successful soap operas in television history. But, that's precisely what 18 year-old Sydney Mikayla did while working on the long-running hit soap, General Hospital.

Speaking with Pet Lifestyles from her home in South LA, Sydney describes her acting career role as Trina Robinson as a challenge, a good one at that, which "tests her emotions and allows her to explore a different kind of anger and sadness." But that of course is the depth her character expresses on the show. In her home life, Sydney is not hampered by the emotional arc of Trina. Joyfully she is proceeding on a continued path to success, both personally and professionally.

But, family comes first, it’s been that way since day one. After all, her family - including her beloved furry friend - is tremendously supportive of her career. And who’s the family that beside her every step of the way? A supporter who comes with a tail and four legs, her shelter dog, Champ! Sydney's mother, Sonya also an actress, is a vital force who plays a “pivotal role" in shaping her daughter’s view of acting and performing. Both its both Champ and her Mom who inspire Sydney every day!

Speaking of character, Sydney says Champ's personality is like an old man, and that "he came to the family with some emotional issues.” Despite his early traumas, he fits in well with her family, and is a support system like no other." Sydney wants Pet Lifestyles readers to understand that if you are thinking of rescuing a dog, be aware they might have had a challenging life before finding a forever home with you, and to "work with them, go slow, and be sensitive, don't overwhelm them with too many changes as they heal." Great advice to follow!

Champ was two years old when the family brought him home. He's now 6 years old and full of positive energy! Although he is scared of buses and trains, he's a good, sweet, and protective dog who loves his family. From her experience with Champ, Sydney encourages people to adopt a pet from a shelter, and she wants to encourage all readers to “adopt don’t shop.” She adds, "the dog that is right for you will find you." That's Champ’s story, he found Sydney and her family and she hopes that one day every furry friend who needs a family will find a family that needs them too.

Sydney will attend college in the Fall, and after that she says she is ready for anything. She hopes to continue in the entertainment industry, and even suggested producing as a point of interest after graduation. No matter what Sydney's plans are, it's clear she is a talented, intelligent, courageous, kind, and hard-working young woman. She is an inspiration for anyone trying to navigate a difficult industry, with plans to attend college at the same time. We commend Sydney and wish her the best of luck on her journey! Let’s have a round of applause for this performer who lends her voice and talent to help support pet rescue - and wants all to have a realistic understanding of the rewards that come when adopting a furry friend!

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