By Austin James

Though the pandemic has kept us humans masked-up and socially distanced from our friends and family, our pets are being spoiled living the life in Pawllywood!

All this time at home means more bellyrubs for Fido, endless games of fetch in the backyard, and longer walks around the neighborhood - again and again.

Another day of quarantine has you bored, searching the internet for new things to keep yourself and your furry friends occupied. Your puppy has eaten through all its bones, broke the squeakers in all its toys, and left all its tennis balls looking like they have the worst bed-head you’ve ever seen. Fido is practically begging you for new things to have the oppawtunity to get its muddy little paws into.

Us humans being at home for months has been pawsibly the best for our purrfect pets - so you have to continue the puppy pampering and get your hands (or paws) on new tech for your pet!

Fido says forget those trips to the pet store for new squeaky toys and bones - this list of high tech products will leave your pet saying “You’re rebarkable!”. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your couch or take off those same pair of sweatpants you’ve worn every day for months to be the cats meow.

From aesthetic doggy doors that give your pup the freedom to potty on demand, to health monitors to keep your pooch in ultimate shape, to non-tipping bowls for your pup that gets too excited when you say “Bon-a-pet-treat!”, this list of new pet tech is wag worthy!

Toadfish Outfitters Non-tipping Dog Bowl - No More Cat-astrophes!
“Bon-A-Pet-Treat” got Fido a little too excited? Mistakes happen, no need to terrier self up about it - Toadfish Outfitters new dog bowl features non-tipping technology in order to prevent that doggy mess! Simply suction it to any smooth surface and let Fido at it. These dog bowls are made from hygienic stainless steel and come with a lid for easy packing - even featuring double-walled construction to keep Fido’s food fresh. Howl you ever live without this bowl!

Aqua Leash - Water For Long Walks In The Bark!

You need a new leash on life - and Aqua Leash is the perfect one for you. Don’t forget your Aqua Leash on your next walk with Fido; featuring a conveniently stored water bottle, waste bag hook, collapsible water bowl, discrete waste bag dispenser, and highly durable construction. Be-leash me I know, no one likes the bulky mess of carrying a bowl, water bottle, and leash on your walk, but with this leash Fido will be the most pup-ular dog in the park! Info:

CuBowl Copper Pet Bowls - Whining And Dining With No Mess!

Pardon my French, but the slime left in the doggy bowl is a-paw-lling. Don’t worry, CuBowl will have the corg-key to your heart with this unlacquered, thick copper bowl that takes your pets water from slimy to pristine. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses are destroyed leaving the water crystal clear which will have Fido saying fur-get about my old bowls! Got a messy pup? They have non-slip styles to ensure Fido isn’t sliding its food around the kitchen.

MyQ Pet Portal - Pawsitively The Best Doggy Door!

Fido feeling down when you’re away? MyQ’s Pet Portal ensures that your pet feels less anxious and more fulfilled while you’re out. No more pet parent guilt, this dog door offers convenience, security, and safety all-in-one. Your furry family member can have the freedom to go pawty on its own and you can get daily reports on Fido’s comings and goings with customized alerts and personalized preferences. No more ruff days for you and your fur baby, Pet Portal will have you saying thanks fur everything! Info:

Moflin Pet Robot - Your Pooch’s Pawdyguard!

Fido been going through a rough pooch lately? Moflin Pet Robot will be Fido’s new best fur-end. An AI pet that possesses emotional capabilities that evolve like living pets; it’s warm soft fur, adorable sounds, and realistic movements will make you and your pup love it fur-ever. This cute pet is for when you need some love from a furry friend. You and Fido will become attached to Moflin like you would a living pet. You will be feeling so fur-tunate to have it in your life. Info:

Whistle Go Explore - Get Fido Ready For The Pawlympics!

You closely monitor your health, why not Fido’s too? Whether Fido sneakily escaped or is lost, you can get notified of Fido’s exact whereabouts by email, text, or app. Whistle Go Explore features: real-time tracking, health monitoring, 24-hour timeline, fitness features, tele-vet, and a food-portion calculator. Now that’s fur-bulous! Catch health issues before they become problems, get breakdowns of how they spend their time, set fitness goals, and consult a veterinarian all-in-one. You’ll fall in love with Whistle Go Explore, fur real. Info:

Petnet Smart Feeder - Bon-A-Pet-Treat!

Here’s your perfect op-paw-tunity to ensure your pet is properly nourished, the best nutrition is personalized! Petnet pawsitively gots your fur baby’s back and makes intelligent decisions when it comes to its food based on Fido’s data; managing feeding times, ensuring proper ingredients, controlling portion sizes, and delivering to your home. Let’s raise the woof to that! Away from home? No problem. With the PetNet app you can ensure Fido is fed, no matter where you are. Get peace of mind knowing your pet is eating exactly what it needs! Info:

Varram Pet Fitness Robot - Have Your Pet Feline Fit!

Don’t have Fido feeling lonely when you’re gone - with Varram Fido will be having fun with a new best fur-end. Designed with vets and trainers, Varram’s Pet Fitness Robot features: treat reward, scheduling system, AI automatic driving, activity and health tracking, customized pet profile, and mental and health care. Fido will be saying I ruff you mom for getting Varram - get peace of mind that your pet is healthy and happy. It’s pawsitively too good to pass up. Info:

The Litter Robot 3 - Purrfect For The Busy Cat Mom!

Breaking mews! This purrfect self-cleaning litter box allows you to remotely control it giving your cat the ideal litter box experience. The app gives you customized alerts on when the waste drawer needs your attention. It also features benefits such as, efficiency, reduced odor, safe sensor technology, an automatic night light, and sleep mode. You will have your cat feline fine! It also comes with a ramp, fence, waste drawer liners, and carbon filters. Purr-obably the best purchase you can make for your cat. Info:

Cheerble Board Game - Whisker Away With This Game!

No more coming home to scratched furniture! With Cheerble’s interactive board game for cats, your cat will have a place to use its natural instincts and work off its stress creating happy pawrents. It features a smart ball, scratch pad, and playboard - keeping your cat feline fit and engaged! This one doesn’t need any purr-suasion, your cat will keep its claw in shape, satisfy its instincts, and have the purrfect balance between exercise and nap. Your cat will love it fur-ever. Info:

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