Happy Halloween!

Tips for Keeping It Safe not Spooky

By Lori Zelenko

Ringing doorbells, spooky masks, and ghostly decorations….for us humans, that means fun, but for our for our four-legged friends it can be frightening. There’s no trick to planning a safe and stress-free Halloween, here’s to make this spookiest night of the year a treat for your pet. Vetster is here to help with five tips to keep Fido or Fifi safe and happy this year!

When things get scary, your pet has a natural instinct to hide. Make sure your pet has a safe space to go, whether it’s a crate, a bed, or even a specific room in your home. The last thing you want on Halloween is a fright, so don’t let your pet bolt when trick or treaters arrive. Keep your four-legged best friend secure once the night gets underway.

Of course our pets love the extra attention a costume gets them, even if they are not always keen on dressing up. But If you plan on costuming your pet, it’s important to make sure that the costume you pick is hazard-free. It is critical to be sure that the costume fits properly, too big or too small, watch out! Be sure to avoid a too tight collar which can choke the pet, a hood or hat can limit visibility, a costume that drags on the ground or is too snug can restrict their ability to move comfortably - and safely! Stay away from scary stuff like costumes that make noises or have jingling bells attached. Do your best to make Halloween a treat for your pet. Keep your fur kid calm and secure at all times and make sure that if you do dress up together, costumes are safe and fun for all.

No doubt Jack-o’-lanterns and candles set a spooky scene, but these Halloween must-haves are fire hazards if knocked over by a curious pet. Play it safe, keep your pets out of harms way. Don’t let Fido or Fifi get tangled in decorations like cobwebs and lights. Keep the spooky décor out of reach and safely in place, if there is ever a night to pet-proof your home Halloween is it. Don’t add fuel to the fire of fear with motion-activated decorations, super scary for skittish pets.

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Isn’t the haul from trick or treating something to be proud of? How many Tootsie Rolls your kid scores just about goes down in history. BEWARE of the dangers to your pet. Keep this haul way out of reach. You may dole it out to the human kid in question but do not let your fur kid near the sugary stuff. Chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs. Do you want to spend Halloween night in the ER with your pet? Seizures, vomiting, and diarrhea, and other potentially fatal symptoms can result from treats consumption. Tricks - as long as they are safe are OK - Treats - are a NO. Keep an eye out for Xylitol, you will find it in gum or hard candies, odds are picking up that stray piece of gum can be fatal to your pet. Want to treat Fido or Fifi? Get the healthiest, most natural treat you can find at your local pet store or go to Google to get the pet-safe ingredients for DIY treats.

Come Halloween, you and your four-legged friend basically have two choices: heading out to go trick or treating or staying home to greet the neighborhood trick or treaters at the door. Surprisingly both can bring on the scaries. Keep safety and security for you pet in mind at all times. Realize strange noises, costumes, and darkness can cause your beloved four-legged bestie stress and anxiety, so it’s actually the smartest move to let them stay home in a spot that is quiet and cozy. If you think Fido or Fifi is up for a spooky night out, then realize there are risks involved. Make sure they are wearing an ID tag and /or micro-chip with their current information.

Remember the spookiest, scariest night of the year should not turn into a real-life horror movie for you and your pets. Prioritize safety. Be sure to protect the pets you love.

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