New Discoveries At Super Pet Expo

By Lori Zelenko

Join us at Super Pet Expo starting on January 21st through the 23rd to discover these wonderful products to make your time with your pet the best it can be. We’ll offer our booth visitors the healthiest of treats, the most calming solutions for pet anxiety—and for youngsters, lots of fun and colorful books that are more than just a nice bedtime story - they’ll help your kids learn life lessons that you’ll enjoy sharing. So come on down to Pet Lifestyles magazine (BOOTH # 480) at Super Pet Expo and we’ll gift you with something special for you, your children, and your fur kid too! Hurry while supplies - and magazines last!

Here’s the heart-tugging true story of Teddy, an unruly Irish Wolfhound puppy, who has been misunderstood and abandoned. Until he arrives at the door of author Barby Keel, the indomitable animal rescuer who gives him a home, and love, against all odds. Filled with beautiful life lessons in unconditional love, mutual trust, and unshakable devotion, Teddy and Barby will change the way you look at your relationship with your dog.

The Rescue Dog That Rescued Me. A true rescue story from Barby Keel. The night he arrives, he is dubbed Bailey, after Barby’s “favorite tipple.” He survives until the next day, on tiny amounts of water and food, wrapped in a blanket, kept warm in human arms. With love and determination, a strong will to live and a loving caretaker in Barby, who sees his full potential, Bailey begins the journey to become the dog he always deserved to be.

Calling all doggies and kitties who love to dress up. When it comes to celebrations of any kind at any time of the year—from pet birthday to just everyday fun dress-up—Pet Costume Center has everything you need for pets - dogs, cats and more, even guinea pigs - all in one friendly place. Get ready for a playful Instagram post, sure to make friends and family smile.

If your dog suffers from panic and anxiety attacks, Hemppy Dog is the 100 percent natural solution that will keep them relaxed and calm in stressful situations. Formulated with Organic Hemp Seed oil and high-quality fatty acids, this product is safe for all breeds and sizes. Benefits include pain relief, anti-inflammation, and sleep aid. Safe dose, great taste, and super easy serving.

Pet Releaf Edibites come in a variety of flavors and incorporate functional ingredients to support specific health needs in your pet’s body. Along with the full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, they include all-natural ingredients to support your dog’s overall health. The Edibites contain no grain, fillers, corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chemical preservatives.

From Music My Pet, comes PetCalm, a proven effective way to soothe anxious pets with the calming sounds of classical music. This charming tiny music cube plays hours of relaxing music to ease your pet’s anxiety. PetCalm fits in the palm of your hand, ready to accompany you and your pet anywhere. Info:

Perfect for dogs and cats, Ziggy’s Naturals 300mg Pet Tincture is formulated with non-GMO, human-grade CBD extracted from Colorado hemp plants following strict organic farming practices. It contains no additives, preservatives, or dyes. Improve the quality of life for your furry loved one with CBD’s wide scope of therapeutic potential. Info:

There’s no better way to show your best friend love this winter than with a freshly baked treat. Cooper’s Treats makes it easy with Baked Biscuit Mix - just add water, form cookies and bake. Your house will smell like a bakery and your pup will be over the moon!

The purr-fect gift for cat lovers! You and your kitty will love the fun look of these long-lasting candles from Cat Paw. Available in three colors and scents—pink (rose), green (sandalwood jasmine), and blue (lavender vanilla). Comes with a wooden lid and seal to keep your candle fresh. Carefully designed and hand poured with love and passion!

Tasty treats from HappyBond support your dog’s health and vitality with human-grade freeze dried snacks, full of natural deliciousness. Lean, protein rich, and perfect for training or as a soft chewy treat. Sourced from local farmers and fishers, produced in USDA facilities to ensure quality and traceability to bring your dog the highest quality all natural treats.

K9 Comfort Spray
uses a patent pending Human Molecular Extraction™ (HME™) process to extract a pet parent’s unique scent to relieve anxiety and bring calm to your dog. With K9 Comfort Spray’s lineup of five products, your scent will comfort your dog, even when you cannot physically be there.

Forbes contributor James Conca had this to say: “For the youngest readers, the just-released Bee Scared is a good one. With nothing specific on climate or heavy-duty issues too much for the young, it’s just about protecting bees…one of those species that indicate ecosystem health.”

WashBar produces natural, safe, and sustainable pet care products. A range of natural dog shampoos and a nourishing paw balm your pet will love are New Zealand-made using all-natural ingredients sourced primarily from small, values-driven growers. WashBar is new to the United States and debuted its ecommerce shop in 2021.

Safe enough for use around kids and pets, yet strong enough to dry up insects. This is nature’s formula—an easy solution that repels pests and protects the lives of loved ones, animals, gardens, and our earth. We love that it is natural and safe—not just for dogs but for horses or goats (and yes, pet parents too).

Jiminy’s provides a food system for pets that utilizes less land and water as it emits almost no greenhouse gases by replacing traditional animal protein with cricket protein. If you switch a dog from a chicken-based diet to a cricket-based diet your dog will save 480,000 gallons of water per year. Just one dog—talk about impact!

Ageless Paws freeze-dried dog and cat treats
are made in the USA with just one healthy, grain-free ingredient each: raw salmon, beef, chicken breast, turkey heart or bison liver. No additives, preservatives or fillers, just 100% animal nutrition you can feel great about giving!

The Fanny Foam from Frankie & Paisley
utilizes a proprietary foaming treatment to loosen dingleberries, lift stubborn messes from fur, and clean muddy paws. Made with natural ingredients such as lavender essential oil to be soothing and nourishing for dogs, The Fanny Foam is a first-of-its-kind solution. Now available on Amazon.

ökocat® next generation plant-based litter
is a premium natural litter that clumps solid, is 99% dust free and stops odors before they start. Without using any synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes or artificial fragrances, it’s a superior natural litter that’s cleaner and healthier for your cat, family and home. Info:

Ageless Paws Food Topper For Dogs And Cats
What better way to enhance dogs’ and cats’ food, than with tantalizing turkey hearts packed with organ meat nutrition that are also bolstered with a probiotic for digestive and immune system health? info:

Lindie Lou Adventure Series Chapter Books
by Jeanne Bender take children on delightful journeys filled with positive messages and life lessons. This adventurous puppy takes you: Up in Space, To an Organic Farm, The Big Apple, Exploring the Artic and more! The whole family is invited to come along for the fun.

Brutus Broth
is the must have pet health product made with "love and Grandma's bone broth". 100% all natural and fortified with glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, and a number of other vitamins, Brutus Broth bone broth delivers a number of collagen benefits to beloved pups helping to satisfy picky eaters, aid with joint and gut health, and more. Info:

Ageless Paws Liquid CoQ10
for dogs and cats is a powerful antioxidant supplement used to support heart health and long-term, optimum health in middle-age to senior dogs and cats, as well as very active pets.

Nutra Bites- Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats
are bite-size treats made with one single, nutritious ingredient. These tasty treats can help your dog: maintain a healthy weight, support digestion, and boost overall health. That way, you can treat your dog worry-free. Available flavors include: Bison Liver, Chicken Liver, Chicken Breast and Chicken Heart. Info:

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