Our Favorite Interactive Dog Toys

By Melanie Carden

Interactive toys are not just a total free-for-all of fun. They’re also crucial to keeping your dog engaged. Cognitive and physical challenges alike are a great way to be sure your best buddy is making the most of their energy and smarts. By now, you already know, but an engaged puppy is more likely to be well-behaved. This is because our besties are so curious, which can lead to some challenging behavior. Keeping a supply of interactive toys on-hand is a great way to continually introduce fun puzzles and busy work to make the most of their inherent curiosity.

The dog-lovers have known all along—dogs can talk! Hunger for Words provides a simple but fundamental game-changer. Use the customizable buttons to record words to empower your pup to communicate in human terms!
Agility work is a great way to keep your pup engaged and entertained. The Outward Hound Agility Kit is designed for indoor play—perfect for rainy days or dogs without a dedicated yard. Train your dog to zip between the poles and through the tunnel—a super fun cognitive and physical challenge. Info:
This sassy bowl of guacamole plush has holes for hide-n-seek interaction. Your dog will find a tortilla chip, avocado, and lime inside—four total toys in one. This Frisco creation makes the most of your dog’s inquisitive nature. A never-ending bowl of guac?! Yes, please! Info:
Splish, splash—time for the pups to dash the pool. Of course, the Frisco Dog Pool is perfect for cooling off and water play activities! But this collapsible pool is also the ideal solution for cleaning paws before going inside—or bath time. Info:
If you’re old enough to remember Hooty the Howl from the Tootsie Pop commercials,Soda Pup’s lick mat will have you asking the famous question. How many licks to the center? Dogs go bonkers for these honeycomb-themed lick mats, shmear a bit of peanut butter or treat filling. It’s a real hoot!
We’re always eager for P.L.A.Y.’s seasonal plush. These squeaky bugs are no exception. No matter the mood, they have a plush to match. Bonus: eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles!
The next sleek generation of treat distributing toys is here! Meet The Game. The folks at Fable Pets have designed a stunning dog toy—a high-end living-room ready design with a purpose. This is a paws-down winner with an inner core that allows you to toggle between different complexity settings. Info:
P.L.A.Y.’s line of enrichment toys includes this scene-stealing wobble ball. Each toy has an adorable scene inside—and it’s not just for decoration. The shapes and characters within the scene create a challenging ricochet-based treat dispenser. Your curious buddy will be able to play independently while you’re on zoom meetings. Info:
Pet parents are notorious for being a little corny. Embrace it with SodaPup’s corn on the cobb treat dispenser. Promote your pup from the cuddle-captain to KERNEL with this cuteness overload. Instagram hearts will melt faster than the butter on the cobb! Info:
Bully sticks are great fun for furry friends but can also be a choking hazard. SafetyChew bully stick holder locks the bully stick in place using a patent-pending pin to keep your dog chewing safely. Use with their specially-designed bully sticks for safe, long-lasting chewing. CHEWS the best for your friend. Info:
No matter what month, love wins year-round with your hound. The Y.O.U.L.Y. Proudest Rainbow Rope & Tennis Ball Dog Toy features a rainbow rope structure and bouncy ball action—perfect for tug-o-war. Sunny or rainy—this toy always offers a forecast full of rainbows and fun. Info:
A tech-dream come true for the fetch-loving dogs everywhere—the iFetch Frenzy Interactive Brain Game. Train your dog to drop the mini tennis balls in the top chute and watch the endless fun. The balls will randomly pop out from one of three holes at the bottom. The ultimate in interactive fetch-o-thon fun!
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